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cornerstone high school senior one

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Namanda Juliet

Nakagulire Sanyu Victoria

Ayinzabyona Dorothy

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About us




Located in one of Kampala’s most prominent slums, Hope for Katanga Kids Project sets out to assist children and families who are confronting the challenges of living in Katanga slum. With many kids at-risk and struggling parents, Hope for Katanga Kids Project aims for a multi-faceted approach to development that includes 3 major components: developing the family unit, access to education, and Christian discipleship.



Family Development: There is nothing more dignifying for parents than when they can provide for their children. Whether it is helping them save money or search for employment, Hope for Katanga Kids Project seeks to enable parents to feed, clothe, and educate their children.


Education: Especially for children living in a slum, education is the key to a more hopeful future. However, education is not free in Uganda and school fees are the biggest obstacle standing in the way of a child’s education. As we work closely alongside parents/caregivers, Hope for Katanga Kids Project provides supplementary scholarships for kids in need of education.


Christian Discipleship: We acknowledge that full restoration is only possible through an authentic relationship with Jesus Christ. Hope for Katanga Kids Project wants to ensure thatkids and parents know the truth of the gospel and are engaging in the Kingdom of Heaven.

Meet the kids


Nakagulire Sanyu Victoria

15 years old

Meet Sanyu. Sanyu was born in Katanga Slum and has lived there her whole life. She has the unique perspective of having seen the slum change and develop over the last 15 years. Sanyu reflects on the time where Katanga was a swamp with houses only made of mud, sticks, and grass. Now, she continues to be a proud Katanga resident as the slum has grown to a population of over 50,000 people. Since the age of 3, Sanyu grew up with only her mother after her father was poisoned by a fellow veteran soldier. Since then, her mother has maintained the same job of sweeping the streets of Kampala, which has not provided a very favorable income to support her and Sanyu.

Sanyu was born with HIV, which set a depressing tone for her youth. Without resources to go to school, Sanyu could spend entire days walking the slum, which typically resulted in getting into trouble. Having little hope or ambition for her life, she didn’t care for anything different. As Sanyu was collecting bottle scrap one day, she came across Hope for Katanga Kids Project. She saw a group of kids singing, dancing and having fun, something she had never gotten to be a part of. Sanyu decided to stick around and become a member of Hope for Katanga Kids.

Since then, Sanyu has received counseling for living with HIV. She has come to realize that life still has meaning and that there is infinite potential for her future. Having constant support from her mother, Hope for Katanga Kids project leaders, and other kids involved, Sanyu’s life has been redirected from depression to joy. In fact, Sanyu now uses her confidence being HIV positive to inspire and give hope to other HIV positive children.
In English, the name Sanyu means “joy” and that is exactly what she personifies. Sanyu often takes the lead roles in drama productions that Hope for Katanga Kids uses to educate the community about HIV awareness. In the future, Sanyu has dreams of going back to school, becoming a bank manager, and being able to support the same organization that has supported her.



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